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Solar Energy

Advanced concepts such as study of irradiation data, load estimation, system dimensioning, system design and budgeting are also discussed.

Finally, we take a look at a number of low powered computing devices suitable for developing regions and discuss basic requirements for ICT equipment for the developing world.

UnitTypeAuthorLast editedDownload
bullet1 Introduction to stand­alone PV systemsHandoutAlberto Escudero Pascual2007-09-30
bullet1 Sizing of stand­alone PV systems based on the "worst month" methodHandoutAlberto Escudero Pascual2007-09-30
bullet1 Dimensioning of a Solar/Battery Backup systemPresentationAlberto Escudero Pascual2007-09-30
bullet1 How to set up a rural Wireless Internet Service Provider in AfricaCase StudyLouise Berthilson2007-10-02