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Wireless Networking


CourseAuthorLast editedDownload
bullet1 [01] IntroductionAlberto Escudero Pascual2005-03-14
bullet1 [02] Wireless StandardsAlberto Escudero Pascual,
Bruno Roger
bullet1 [03] Basic Radio PhysicsSebstian Buettrich,
Alberto Escudero Pascual
bullet1 [04] Wireless Topology and InfrastructureSebastian Buettrich,
Alberto Escudero Pascual
bullet1 [05] Access Point ConfigurationAlberto Escudero Pascual,
O. Purbo, S. Buettrich
bullet1 [06] Wireless Client InstallationTomas Krag, Bruno Roger2006-04-18
bullet1 [07] Radio Link CalculationsSebastian Buettrich,
Alberto Escudero Pascual
bullet1 [08] Antennas and CablesAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-04-23
bullet1 [09] Planning and BudgetingAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-04-29
bullet1 [10] Outdoor Radio SimulationAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-05-14
bullet1 [11] Communication TowerAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-05-14
bullet1 [12] How to shop wireless equipmentSebastian Buettrich,
Alberto Escudero Pascual
bullet1 [13] TroubleshootingAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-04-29
bullet1 [14] Advanced NetworkingAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-04-29
bullet1 [15] Wireless SecurityAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-04-29
bullet1 [16] Network Management and MonitoringAlberto Escudero Pascual2006-04-29
bullet1 [17] Mesh NetworkingSebastian Buettrich2006-05-18
bullet1 [18] Linux based infrastructureTomas Krag2006-04-29
bullet1 [19] Advanced Configuration and Performance ParametersLouise Berthilson,
Alberto Escudero Pascual
bullet1 [2-18] ZIP filesALL2006-05-02

Arabic translator: Anas Tawileh, Syria/UK

French translator: Bruno Rogers, France/Tunisia