In the last five years, IT46 has been involved in more than ten implementations of ICT infrastructure and software development projects. In all cases, the implementations have taken place in joint collaboration with local partners. The goal of our work is to transfer enough knowledge during the field implementation so the recipients become the main owners of the results. We do not like to implement solutions or technologies that make our partners dependent of our constant support.

In the last years, we have:

  • 2006: Implemented an online tool to create locales for
  • 2007: Implemented an online portal for the Iraq Programme of the Olof Palme Center
  • 2007-2007: Implemented four wireless community networks in Uganda and Nigeria
  • 2008: Implemented main NOC services for Universidad Autonoma Nacional de Honduras
  • 2008: Coordinated the localization of 23 security softwares into four languages
  • 2002-2008: Implemented trial wireless outdoor links in Laos, Vietnam, Peru, Honduras, Spain, Sweden, Morocco Nigeria and Uganda.

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bullet2 Firefox in Swahili - A community effort (II), Mar 2009
bullet2 Radio Streaming under 5 W, Jan 2009
bullet2 Media Sprinkler Demo, Dec 2008
bullet2 Integrating GSM and Skype into VoIP Telephony, Oct 2008
bullet2 Afrigen - Creating 100 African locales, Oct 2008
bullet2 Glossmaster, a tool for creating terminology dictionaries, Sep 2008
bullet2 Release: The Media Sprinkler, Sep 2008
bullet2 Demonstrating VoIP-4D during the 3rd Global Knowledge conference, Dec 2007
bullet2 IFEX ICT Forum, Oct 2007
bullet2 Iraq Programme Web Portal - Public Announcement, May 2007
bullet2 IT+46 releases native in NexentaOS , May 2006
bullet2 LocaleGEN - online tool for automatic locale creation, Mar 2006
bullet2 Extended IT Glossary in Swahili Released!, Jan 2006
bullet2 R&H - A CMS with focus on Localization, Jul 2005
bullet2 Tuxpaint - A Swahili Gift That, Dec 2004
bullet2 Jambo Spellchecker 9D - Tanzania Independence Day, Dec 2004
bullet2 in Swahili, Dec 2004
bullet2 KiChapa - the multilingual search engine, Nov 2004
bullet2 Ikakispell - Open Source tool for spellchecker development, Nov 2004
bullet2 KamusiTZ, Nov 2004
bullet2 KiPot - an open discussion board for glossary development, Oct 2004
bullet2 Swahili IT Glossary, Oct 2004