Privacy enhanced architecture for location based services in the next generation wireless networks. 12th IEEE Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN2002)

Published 14 Aug 2002 by Alberto Escudero Pascual

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LAMAN2002 Participants, Utö

Location-based services (LBS) can be described as applications that exploit knowledge about where an information device (user) is located. For example, location information can be used to provide automobile drivers with optimal routes to a geographical destination or a group of friends with the names and coordinates of Spanish’s restaurants in the neighborhood open on a Saturday night.

We propose a privacy enhanced location based service (PE-LBS) architecture which allows a mobile node to request location based services via a proxy server hiding the network location of the mobile device while providing service accountability. The architecture is composed of six modules: location acquisition hardware, XML data record parser [1], XML service request, transport module, LBS proxy and service modules. Privacy Enhanced Technologies has been carefully integrated to enhance the privacy of our architecture by protection of personal identifiable information.

One of the components of our architecture is the LBS Proxy Server, responsible of processing SOAP [2] (message envelope) requests and generate responses. When the SOAP request is recieved by a server, it gets bound to the class specified in the request. The proxy server works as a SOAP Dispatcher, by determining which class should handle a given request, and loading that class, if necessary. The SOAP server acts as an intermediary between a SOAP client and the requested service provider.

Keyword(s): Privacy, Location Privacy, PET