LocaleGEN - online tool for automatic locale creation

The Human Locale

The "LocaleGEN" is a web based tool created by IT +46 to facilitate the process of creating locale files for computer software. The main focus lies on standardizing of African languages that so often is lacking. By offering this free online tool, we hope to encourage community driven initiatives to standardizing their language for computers.

After the first 3 weeks in production, the LocaleGEN has generated locales for 9 African languages. By further development, IT +46 aims for 100 African languages within 12 months.

The locale is normally the first component to complete in the process of software localization By lowering the hurdle to take the first step into software localization, we hope to see more African localization project in a very near future.

The outcomes of the information collected in the LocaleGEN website are a joint copyright agreement between the language contributors and IT +46.

All outcomes will be licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution 2.0

By means of the joint copyright agreement, the contributors grant Alberto Escudero-Pascual the legal capacity to contribute any derivative works to OpenOffice.org, Unicode Common Data Locale Repository and similar projects.