June 17, 2007 16:42

Life and the elements

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Life and the elements

Trees and power lines...

I have been working intensively in Tegucigalpa in a radio link with the University. After four days of training and hard work the link was up and running. The radio link runs between the University Campus at the Faculty of Medical Sciences. All was looking great, the link was running stable with a steady 3 Mbps (useful) bandwidth. It was lots of fun to work at University and the Hondurans have a great sense of humor when it comes to life. We joked a lot about the weather and what may happen to the link during those months of rain, wind and thunders. The very same day that the link was implemented I gave a presentation to the different representatives of the University. I took the chance to talk to the members from different regions of Honduras as they were attending a training. I prepared a short presentation about wireless... I concluded the presentation saying that I was waiting for a big storm to see how the link was going to behave. And yes!! I got my storm, we lost electricity for 36 hours, a few electrical transformers blew up and during that time I was wondering, will the radio link survive? How am i going to explain to the funders that the radio link that I just implemented was gone :-D.

We were lucky -this time-, the radio link DID survive and it is operating now back again. I learned a lot of things in Honduras... I learned about life and living with the elements. I learned to be patience with planet Earth (that we are really f* up) and to relax and enjoy the hours without electricity.

Thanks for the goodbye beer at the Laboratory after working a few hours installing Debian on a couple of servers powered by generator. I hope that Wilkins does not mind this picture of him...

If you want to see the fun we had: A presentation of the implementation of the link is available here