July 23, 2007 21:31

TRICALCAR workshop, Andes Region

TRICALCAR workshop, Andes Region

Radio tower in Huaral

It has been a very long and intensive week. During the 16-21 of July, it took place the first of a set of community wireless trainings in Latin America. I must say that the training was very different from other trainings i have been involved before as the group of participants had strong community connections and it was interesting to learn from their projects and challenges (mostly capacity building and sustainability). No surprises! Although the training was mostly technical the other non-technical components as outcome mapping, ICTs and gender and planning of the wireless network tried to provide a necessary balance of what it takes to make a wireless community project a success. Fine tuning and balancing the technical and non-technical aspects is definitely worth pursuing.

The wireless training also included a VoIP session. Although I have been working for a while now in community wireless networks, I have a strong feeling that in order to see more initiatives we need to focus more and more on capacity building and the development of sustainable business models. My regards to all participants and looking forward to see knowledge put into action.

The official picture of the workshop is available here

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