Case study: ZittNet – Fantsuam Foundation

Published 5 Oct 2007 by Louise Berthilson

bulletDownload: It46_case_study_fantsuam.pdf

Omolayo Samuel, Zittnet staff.

This case study focus on Zittnet, a wireless "community ISP" in rural Nigeria. Zittnet is built and managed by Fantsuam Foundation, a local non-­governmental organization that has been working together with the community of Kafanchan since 1996 to fight poverty and disadvantage through integrated development programs. Fantsuam's focus lies on micro finance, ICT services and social development in rural communities of Nigeria. To become the first rural wireless ISP in Nigeria was just another step towards their mission, to be a recognized leader in the provision of rural development initiatives and the foremost and thriving rural knowledge economy driver in Nigeria.

The case study describes the different components of the establishment of Zittnet. From raising a 45 m self-standing communication mast, to building the network operations center and dimensioning the solar power backup system for the installation. Finally, the study gives you a picture of the current state of the network in terms of topology and connected clients (October 2007).

Keyword(s): Africa, Climbing, Low Cost Internet Access, Nigeria, Rural Development, Rural connectivity, Wi-Fi, Wireless,