May 1, 2008 19:07

Second visit to Tegucigalpa

Second visit to Tegucigalpa

A319 and Tegus

It has been almost year since my last visit to Honduras and UNAH. During this visit we have been working in the migration of Zimbra to a new server and the implementation of new information services. For those that are looking for an integrated solution (mail, webmail, antispam, calendar, messengering, etc.) with all the power of softwares like postfix, openldap, mysql, clamav etc. check Zimbra! The architecture is clean and easy to troubleshoot, community forums are extremely useful and runs smoothly in Debian 4.0 :)

During this visit I got to know San Pedro Sula and Ceiba, we visited the two regional centres there and implemented a couple of point-to-point radio links. It has been a very intensive productive visit. I got to know the differences between the South and North of the country and the huge social differences between those who life the 'american way" and those who 'does not'. One highlight of the visit was a quick visit to a lonely beach in a town known as Tela. I like that part of Honduras that still keeps a soul and has not surrendered to the just-another-big-shopping-mall full of tasteless fast food.

But if there is something that makes visiting Honduras an experience is landing in Tocontín... yes, this time we recorded the landing from the run away. Here, it is the video [Aterrizaje en Tocontín] o debería decir en Ton Con Teen