PhD students attending the course.

bullet1 ICTs for Social Development at the University of Trento, Italy

Published: 1 Jun 2008

In May 2008, IT46 had the opportunity to give a Doctorate course at the University of Trento in Information and Communication Technologies for Social Development.

The course attracted no less than 20 doctorate students that were willing to put their PhD work aside for a while and switch focus to other challenges.

The course included the following topics:

  • Day 1: Introduction to ICTs and Development
  • Day 2: Localization of Computer Software to Local Languages
  • Day 3: Electricity Backup Systems and Low Power Computing
  • Day 4: Wireless Networks and VoIP for Development
  • Day 5: Internet censorship

The examination of the course was done in terms of a project assignment carried out in groups of 2-4 students. The written reports can be downloaded from the course page.

For more information about the course, please see here

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Posted by: Louise Berthilson