Celliax in a low power VIA PC

bullet1 Integrating GSM and Skype into VoIP Telephony

Published: 31 Oct 2008

IT46 has now integrated two new technologies into the Media Sprinkler Platform. The latest addition is Celliax and Skypiax, two new communication channels that provide a low cost access to the GSM and Skype networks. The author of Celliax is Giovanni Maruzzelli, an Italian open source developer with experience in applying technology in challenging areas.

During the last months, Celliax has been supporting IT46 in this new milestone in the development. The Celliax channel allows the connection of a low cost GSM phone to the system, opposite to an expensive dedicated hardware. The Skypiax channel allows to bridge calls from and to Skype/SkypeOut.

The first prototype runs on a low power PC (VIA Nehemiah) and consumes less than 15 W.

Features of Media Sprinkler CS release include:

  • Connects to a GSM network using a 40 USD GSM phone
  • Allows the possibility of sending and receiving SMS
  • Capable of exchanging calls from Skype network
  • Possibility of integrating CDMA

Thanks Giovanni!

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Posted by: Alberto Escudero-Pascual