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bullet1 Wireless Africa, Training Workshop

Published: 25 Nov 2008

During five intensive days in November, 40 members of the Wireless Africa initiative met in Pretoria, South Africa, to participate in the first Technical and Business oriented Training Workshop of the Wireless-Africa project. The workshop attracted participants from no less than 14 African countries, which shows the emphasis on a truly Pan-African project.

The workshop was divided in two strands, a business oriented strand and a technical strand. IT46 contributed to the technical strand with two days of training in Voice-over-IP.

The VoIP training focused on three concepts:

  • Asterisk installation and configuration
  • Billing with A2Billing
  • Open VoIP hardware with IP04

The training was both theoretical and practical, no less than four practical hands-on labs were carried out during the training:

  • Setting up an intercom with IP04
  • Setting up a local telephony system
  • Interconnecting VoIP networks
  • Installation and configuration of billing software

All training material delivered can be found here

Each of the country partners (10 projects) were given a set of VoIP hardware (IP04, ATA, phones) to bring back to their projects and deploy a testbed. A few days after the workshop ended, the Nigerian team from Fantsuam reported that a local intercom based on the hardware from the Wireless Africa workshop, had been setup!

For more information about the Wireless Africa workshop, visit the official Wireless Africa website.

Posted by: Louise Berthilson