Tools and technologies for equitable access

Published 21 Dec 2008 by Alberto Escudero-Pascual


Tools for equitable access

Equitable access is about addressing social and economic imbalances when developing policy and rolling out ICTs, so that people from diverse backgrounds have more or less similar opportunities when it comes to accessing and using technology. Many information and communication technologies (ICT) enthusiasts are developing innovative new solutions to bring access one step closer to communities but these pioneering efforts are currently scattered and largely unavailable in public domain.

The paper translated in July 2008 by the Association of Progressive Communications to three languages (english, french and spanish) describes tools and technologies for equitable access. Commentaries from Carlos Alfonso and Steve Song are available in here.

Keyword(s): Localization, Logiciels Libres, Low Cost Internet Access, Open Source, Open hardware, Rural connectivity, Software, VoIP, Wireless,