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Published: 12 Dec 2008

During the 1st International Conference on Mobile Communication Technology For Development (M4D), held the 11-12 December, 2008, at Karlstad University, Sweden, IT46 had the opportunity to demonstrate the Media Sprinkler.

The Media Sprinkler is a GSM telephony gateway that bridges services of the global mobile network (GSM) with the Internet (IP). The main goal of the system is to provide a flexible architecture that helps to develop innovative applications that require the use of mobile phones and short message services (SMS).

Apart from being able to handle SMSs, the sprinkler also acts as a complex audio mixer, capable of routing GSM calls to the traditional phone network or linking calls between different GSM operators. What makes the sprinkler attractive is its portability which enables the possibility of deploying a SMS server without the need of being directly connected to the operator's wired network.

In a nutshell, the Media Sprinkler integrates in a single unit, a connection to the GSM (mobile telephony), the PSTN (fix telephony) and IP network (Internet).


The sprinkler provides a simple way to develop new applications, hiding to the programmer the more complex aspects of dealing with Internet and GSM calls. The possibilities are endless as the platform can easily be adapted within hours to implement any new service. For example, the platform allows:

  • The creation of new information services via voice or SMS, suitable for campaigns, media coverage, password reminders, etc.
  • The interconnection of GSM phone calls between different operators
  • To record and play pre-recorded messages from and to any voice media
  • To publish SMS content into the Internet (web, mail, Twitter, etc.)

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Posted by: Louise Berthilson