Pre-studies for the wman@Fez

Published 7 May 2008 by Louise Berthilson

Communication mast at Tghat, Fez

As a first step of the Wman@Fez project, a collaboration project with Al Akhawayn University, Morocco, a set of pre-studies were carried out by IT46.

The pre-studies include the following documents:

Requirements Document
The document compiles a set of technical and policy requirements for the design of a wireless metropolitan area network (MAN) in Fez. When possible the requirements aim to be technology neutral and should be used as guidelines for the adoption of solutions based on certain technology and/or network architecture. The document includes a summary of all requirements and recommendations in three different areas; Application (12), Wireless technology (11) and Policy (4).

Link Budgets and Software Simulations
The document presents link budgets for the Wman@Fez wireless network based on typical wireless parameters from (modified) WiFi and WiMax in 5 GHz. Two simulations methods have been used; the first method is based on a simple link budget equation while the second method uses GPS coordinates and SRTM cartography in a radio simulation software (Radio Mobile).

Implementation Plan
The document presents the Implementation plan for Phase 1 of the Wman@Fez project with time and activity plans.

Tender Documents
The tender documents include the following files:

  • Tender Document (wireless equipment) [Download]
  • Procurement Specification for additional equipment [Download]
  • European suppliers of WiMax equipment operating in the 5 GHz range [Download]

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