GlossMaster 2.0
Glossmaster 2.0 is a web based terminology tool for creating dictionaries. The tool comes with a set of (2500) predefined English entries (words or expressions), commonly found in open source software. Each entry is classified with
  1. a syntactic group
  2. definition
  3. one or more user defined tags
  4. example usage of the term

To further facilitate the translation and definition of the terms, online data from Wikipedia, Wiktionary and Google are prompted to the user for the specific word in use at the moment.

The tool is multi-lingual, multi-user, supports bidirectional inputs, and provides a localizable user interface based on PO files.

Glossmaster 2.0 will be used to create dictionaries in 10 major African languages. These dictionaries will be used as translation memory for future localization work in the very same languages.

The target languages are the following:

  1. Akan
  2. Arabic
  3. French
  4. Kinyarwanda
  5. Lingala
  6. Luganda
  7. Swahili
  8. Wolof
  9. Yoruba
  10. Zulu