Wireless Internet Access: From the Peruvian Amazonian to the Swedish Silicon Valley, 1st International Conference of Community Networking (GLOBALCN)

Published 31 Oct 2000 by Alberto Escudero-Pascual

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Global Community Networking

In the following paper we present two initiatives that want to provide Internet Access making use of wireless technologies. The first one, FlyingLinux.NET, provides broadband wireless access for the students of the new IT University programme in the so called Swedish Silicon Valley in Kista (Stockholm) using TCP/IP over IEEE802.11b protocol. A second initiative, EHAS is using low cost technologies to provide e-mail access to isolated medical personel in the Amazonia using TCP/IP over AX.25 protocol.

Both projects try to give an answer to two very different realities with very specific needs. Today it is possible to send an e-mail from a health establisment of Shucushyacu in the Amazonia to the restaurant of the Royal Institute of Technology in Kista. It is up to us what is in the 'body' of the message.

Keyword(s): Health, Wireless, Rural Development