Wireless access in Kista - IT University, 11th IEEE Workshop on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks (LANMAN2001)

Published 16 Mar 2001 by Alberto Escudero-Pascual, Björn Pehrson, Enrico Pelletta, J.Olov Vatn and Pawel Wiatr

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The wireless internet access of the Kista - IT University network started out in October 1999 as a research project - "The FlyingLinux project" - in the Telecommunication Systems Lab at the Depart- ment of Teleinformatics at KTH (Sweden).

The research main objective was to study the possibility of adopting MobileIPv4 and standard DHCP-based wireless access as part of the IT Uni- versity network infrastructure. The result of that work was that a IEEE 802.11b based environment was available for one hundred users during the 2G1303 project course that was held from March to May 2000.

After that experience a new environment was conceived to o˙er internet access for the two hun- dred students and researchers of the IT-University study programme. Each student or researcher uses a IEEE 802.11b compliant PCMCIA card to get wireless connectivity using a set of access points available in three di˙erent buildings and common areas. Mobility is supported between the radio cells using link level handover or MobileIP when roaming between IP networks. The wireless access allows students to attend lectures with their laptops, take notes and see online documentation while their mail arrives in their laptop mailboxes.

The Kista IT University wireless network is proud of being This paper gives an overview of the new wireless environment available at KTH IT-University as of winter 2001. The paper focuses on design and functional issues and introduce the network using a top-down approach, that is, describing the big functional blocks and then the details of the implementation.

Keyword(s): Wireless, Mobile Internet