Location Privacy in Mobile Internet - An extension to Freedom Network, Internet Society Conference (INET2001)

Published 25 Apr 2002 by Alberto Escudero Pascual, Martin Hedenfalk and Per Heselius

bulletDownload: PD-inet2001-t06.pdf

The Freedom System is a pseudonymous IP network that provides privacy protection by hiding the user's real IP addresses, email addresses, and other personal identifying information from communication partners and eavesdroppers. The following paper describes a set of protocol extensions to the Freedom System architecture to permit a mobile node to seamlessly roam among IP subnetworks and media types while remaining untraceable and pseudononymous.

These extensions make it possible to support transparency above the IP layer, including the maintenance of active TCP connections and UDP port bindings in the same way that MobileIPv4 does but with the addition that the home and foreign network are unlinkable.

We call this extension the Flying Freedom System.

Keyword(s): Anonymity, Privacy