Free Speech Time Zone

bullet1 S.T.U.P.ID and the No Disconnect Strategy

Published: 13 May 2012

The No Disconnect Strategy (NDS) was launched in December 2011 by European Commission for the Digital Agenda. The strategy aims to provide citizens living in countries framed as non democratic with the technological tools to communicate freely.

Major challenges of such strategy will be to ensure privacy and safety for those citizens and to develop a security framework that exploits the true potential of an open and safe Internet for all. S.T.U.P.ID is a framework that we developed time ago to evaluate the security and safety of circumvention tools. We hope that the S.T.U.P.ID methodology can help to evaluate "technologies for social change" and the need of privacy in and outside of the Internet.

Interested? Here it is a quick Presentation of S.T.U.P.ID

Freedom Fone 1000 days

bullet1 Freedom Fone 1000 days of development

Published: 14 Apr 2012

The Freedom Fone code base is 1000 days old. To celebrate it we have prepared a 2 minutes video of the code base and its development using the awsome gource visualization project.

Here it is the Video