Village Telco hacking while chating scene

bullet1 Village Telco Workshop @ Shuttleworth Foundation

Published: 23 Jun 2008

The first Village Telco Workshop took place from the 16th-20th of June in Cape Town, South Africa. The workshop was hosted at the Shuttleworth Foundation and brought together 200 years of experience in the areas of open hardware and software, VoIP, business models and entrepreneurship.

The goal of the initiative is to design and promote technologies and business models that allow local entrepreneurs to establish a locally owned and operated Village Telco.

The first notes of the meeting are available here. A few nice shots of the meeting are available here

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Visiting one of the server rooms (KTH)

bullet1 Information Systems support for UNAH, Stockholm Training

Published: 9 Jun 2008

The first week of June, IT46 conducted an ICT advanced training to the system group of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH). During 2007-08 and thanks to the support of SIDA and the collaboration with the Swedish Program for Information and Communication Technology in Developing Regions (SPIDER), IT46 and CICAT had delivered a set of technical trainings in the areas of internetworking and information systems. The second training in Stockholm, hosted by SPIDER with the support of the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV (Stockholm University/KTH), focused on advanced topics as traffic management, secure web services, cloning workstations and voice over IP. During the one week training the UNAH system group got the opportunity to visit KTH and Stockholm University ICT premises.

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PhD students attending the course.

bullet1 ICTs for Social Development at the University of Trento, Italy

Published: 1 Jun 2008

In May 2008, IT46 had the opportunity to give a Doctorate course at the University of Trento in Information and Communication Technologies for Social Development.

The course attracted no less than 20 doctorate students that were willing to put their PhD work aside for a while and switch focus to other challenges.

The course included the following topics:

  • Day 1: Introduction to ICTs and Development
  • Day 2: Localization of Computer Software to Local Languages
  • Day 3: Electricity Backup Systems and Low Power Computing
  • Day 4: Wireless Networks and VoIP for Development
  • Day 5: Internet censorship

The examination of the course was done in terms of a project assignment carried out in groups of 2-4 students. The written reports can be downloaded from the course page.

For more information about the course, please see here

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bullet1 Fantsuam Foundation, finalist in Stockholm Challenge 2008

Published: 21 Mar 2008

Fantsuam Foundation has with Zittnet, Nigeria's first rural community wireless network, been selected as one of the finalists in the Stockholm Challenge Award 2008 in the category of Economic Development.

The Stockholm Challenge is a pioneer among ICT awards and networking organisations, dating back to 1994 when the City of Stockholm launched the first competition to challenge the cities in Europe to show their best ICT applications for people and society. Since then there have been six prize ceremonies. So far the Stockholm Challenge has brought together over 5,000 ICT projects from all over the world, many of whom are active in lasting and growing networks (source:

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Al Akhawayn University (AUI)

bullet1 Design and deployment of a WiMAX network in Fez

Published: 19 Mar 2008

IT46 will provide technical assistance to Al Akhawayn University (AUI) in Ifrane (Morocco) during the deployment and assessment of a WiMAX network in the city of Fez. During the first phase of the project a wireless metropolitan network (WMAN) will interconnect a total 10 government offices and provide public wireless access to governmental services. The project is hosted at the ICT4D laboratory at Al Akhawayn University and counts with the support of the city of Fez and the Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT)

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Delft University of Technology

bullet1 Information Systems support for UNAH

Published: 16 Mar 2008

IT46 and CICAT will provide technical support to the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH). Thanks to the support of the Swedish Program for Information and Communication Technology in Developing Regions (SPIDER), IT46 and CICAT will deliver technical training in the areas of internetworking and information systems in Tegucigalpa (Honduras).

The Centre for International Cooperation and Appropriate Technology (CICAT) is the central liaison office at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) for the coordination of international projects.

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WNDW Second Edition

bullet1 Second Edition of the book: Wireless in the Development World

Published: 22 Feb 2008

IT46 and the rest of the WNDW team is pleased to announce the release of Wireless Networking in the Developing World, Second Edition. This is the first major update to the WNDW book since its initial release in 2006.

This revised and expanded 425 page book includes over 170 pages of new material, including new chapters on solar power and economic planning, several new case studies, and much more.

In the developing world, one book can often be equivalent to a library. Access to books is difficult where there are few libraries or book stores, and there is often little money to pay for them. By releasing this book for free under a Creative Commons license, anyone is free to download, print, update, or redistribute it. We hope to reach the widest possible audience, spreading the knowledge of low-cost wireless networking to those who need it most.

The Wireless Networking in the Developing World book is just one part of the WNDW project. You can find several translations of the book (including Spanish, French, Italian, and soon Arabic and Portuguese), community forums, training workshops, and additional material on our newly redesigned website,

The goal of the WNDW project is to provide information and resources to the wireless community to help jumpstart wireless communications infrastructure projects all over the world. Join us to help bridge the digital divide and bring wireless network access to everyone.

The publication of this work has been supported by Canada's International Development Research Centre, Additional support was provided by

The book is available in PDF format or as a printed and bound book from WNDW website:

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IT +46 climbing tower.

bullet1 IT +46 Annual Report 2007

Published: 24 Jan 2008

The Annual Report of IT +46 has now been released.
The report summarizes the work undertaken by
IT +46 during 2007 and shows that it has been yet another hectic year for the company.

We have expanded our work into new geographical areas and been working in countries like Nigeria, Honduras, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina and Thailand, and made many new friends over the world.

Some of our personal highlights of the year include the following:

  • For the last 18 months, we have been working together with Fantsuam Foundation to establish the first wireless rural ISP in Nigeria. Fantsuam Foundation shows an excellent example of what a small group of people can do with the right will, and our joint adventure given us plenty of motivation to carry on our work.

  • In summer 2007, we came in contact with an Australian gentleman called David Rowe. David had been working as hardware developer for the corporate sector for many years, but was tired of the mentality and wanted something more that just earn money. Two years ago he started the The Free Telephony Project which aims to provide free hardware designs for telephone systems. His first product, the IP04, (a 4 port IP-PBX that runs Asterisk and uClinux on less than 5W) will soon be running in Kafanchan, Nigeria! Stay tuned for an update!

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bullet1 Demonstrating VoIP-4D during the 3rd Global Knowledge conference

Published: 12 Dec 2007

During the 3rd Global Knowledge conference, (GK3), that was held the 11-13 December in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, IT +46 together with David Rowe from the Free Telephony Project, presented our work and ideas in the area of VoIP Telephony.

During the GK3 event, IT +46 also participated in the panel ICT for a Multilingual Knowledge Society concerning computer localization.

Read more about our work at GK3 and explore our free VoIP training materials here.

The two presentations are available to download at:

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ICT Trento

bullet1 Doctorate Course in ICTs for Social Development (ICT4SD)

Published: 1 Dec 2007

During May 2008, IT +46 will be delivering a graduate course in ICTs for Development at the University of Trento in Italy

The course will provide graduate students with an understanding of the main issues associated with the use of Information and Communications Technologies for Sustainable Development (ICT4SD).

The course aim to:

  • to let students gain awareness of emerging regions, their communities and the technical challenges they face.
  • to learn about appropriate technologies for emerging regions, their impact, and how they can be conceived, designed and implemented
  • to discuss critically around some real case studies including: localization of computer software to local languages, voice over IP in rural areas, wireless infrastructure in community networks, and sustainable business models.
  • to learn about qualitative project evaluation and the challenge of assessing development impacts.


  • Introduction to ICTs and development
  • Technologies and development
  • Localization of computer software
  • Connectivity and Wireless Infrastructure
  • Voice over IP
  • Solar energy and Low power computing
  • Review of case studies
  • Outcome mapping

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