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bullet1 IFEX ICT Forum

Published: 7 Oct 2007

More than 120 freedom of expression advocates from around the world gathered the 8-12 of September in Montevideo, Uruguay at the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) General Meeting.

As an introduction to the general meeting, an ICT Forum focused on secure communication and Internet censorship was held the 7th of September. IT +46 participated in the ICT Forum with a talk on the topic "Tools to secure your computer and where to find them". The talk focus on how to move from a security policy to an implementation in the organization.

Additionally, IT +46 contributed to the ICT Forum with a "VoIP demonstrator" showing the advantages for freedom of expression organizations to own their own voice infrastructure built on open hardware, open standards, and open source software in order to ensure secure communication.

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bullet1 2nd CWRC Workshop in Uganda

Published: 15 Sep 2007

The 2nd Training Workshop in building Community Wireless Networks was conducted by IT +46 in Kampala, Uganda the 3-14th of September 2007.

The training targeted the Community Wireless Resource Centre (CWRC) staff and students and Telecentre representatives. The aim of the workshop was to build upon the first training workshop that was held in November 2007, and further strengthen the team's knowledge not only in wireless communications, but also other topics related to Community Wireless Networks.

The training workshop targeted the following areas:


  • How to reduce the use of international bandwidth?
  • Traffic management with MasterShaper
  • Basic Internet Concepts
  • Troubleshooting a wireless network
  • Point of failure in wireless installations
  • Critical reading of ISP contracts


  • How to reduce the use of international bandwidth?
  • Traffic management with MasterShaper
  • How to set up a fully routable wireless network with repeaters

Field Work

  • 1 day field visit to Naberu Telecenter, inspection of wireless installations
  • 3 days field visit to Kabale, troubleshooting and configuration of wireless installation

The workshop gathered representatives from five Ugandan Telecenters (CPAR Lira Telecenter, Nakaseke Telecenter, Nabweru Telecenter, Kabale Telecenter and Kachwekano CMC) and students from the electrical engineering program volunteering at the CWRC.

In September 2007, no less than three community wireless networks had been established by the CWRC. At CPAR Lira Telecenter, the community network now consists of four partners which share a VSAT connection of 128/64 kbps. Juma Okeee, IT officer at CPAR Lira says, "the CWRC project is a blessing for rural connectivity over distances. CWRC has really come at a time when we needed it the most."

The Naberu Telecenter community network has currently three external partners and is now in the stage of obtaining quotations from local Internet Service providers.

The Kachwekano CMC/Kabale Telecenter community network has no less than nine clients connected spread around Kabale town and Lake Bunyonyi. The Kabale team is currently evaluating upstream providers for the community network.

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La segunda edición del libro

bullet1 Wireless Networking in Developing Word (Second Spanish Edition)

Published: 25 Aug 2007

Un año después del lanzamiento de la primera edición en castellano del libro del "Wireless Networking in the Developing World" (WNDW), el equipo latinoamericano se complace en anunciar el lanzamiento de la segunda edición de WNDW en castellano, "Redes Inalámbricas en los Países en Desarrollo".

Este trabajo es el resultado de esfuerzo incansanble y colectivo de diversos individuos alrededor del mundo.

Además de los temas incluidos en la primera edición del libro, que van desde la física básica de la radio y el desarrollo de redes, hasta equipamiento y resolución de problemas, la segunda edición incluye un nuevo capítulo sobre Voz sobre IP (VoIP) y una selección de cuatro estudios de caso de América Latina.

El libro fue escrito y revisado por un grupo de expertos en el campo del las comunicaciones inalámbricas de larga distancia en zonas urbanas y rurales, así como en áreas remotas.

Para la segunda edición, contamos con las contribuciones de Alberto Escudero-Pascual y Louise Berthilson de IT+46 en el capítulo de VoIP, así como de el equipo de EHAS, Fundación EsLaRed, CEPES y ChileSinCables para los estudios de caso.

El libro pretende ser un recurso integral para técnicos de los países en desarrollo, suministrando la información que necesitan para construir redes reales. Al liberar y entregar este conocimiento a quienes se conectan desde las periferias de la Internet, esperamos ayudarles para que puedan dar el salto que se requiere para empezar a desarrollar la vital infraestructura de redes.

Este libro está disponible bajo una licencia Creative Commons, lo que significa que puede descargarse, imprimirse y modificarse libremente, inclusive con fines comerciales, siempre y cuando se otorgue el reconocimiento apropiado, y las modificaciones o copias que se desarrollen se compartan bajo los mismos términos. Está disponible para ser descargado en formato PDF y HTML en http://wndw.net/. Las copias impresas y encuadernadas también pueden solicitarse, pagando únicamente el costo de la impresión.

Para mayor información sobre el proyecto WNDW, visite el sitio http://wndw.net/

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John Dada, Fantsuam Foundation.

bullet1 2nd Annual Connecting Rural Communities Africa Forum 2007

Published: 24 Aug 2007

During the 2nd Annual Connecting Rural Communities Africa Forum 2007, held in Nairobi 21-24 of August, two rural connectivity projects that IT +46 support where presented as showcases for sustainable solutions. The presentation was held by Mrs. Edith Adera, Senior Program Specialist, ACACIA Program, at IDRC.

The showcases presented where the following:
Case study 1: Building a rural wireless ISP, Fantsuam Foundation, Nigeria
Case study 2: The Community Wireless Resource Center, Makerere University, Uganda

The international event brought African government officials, senior figures from African regulatory authorities and international ICT experts who are leading the private sector together to discuss key challenges, opportunities and benefits of connecting rural Africa.

"The Second Annual Connecting Rural Communities 2007 Forum will enable governments, regulatory agencies and operating companies to focus on the central challenge for Africa's ICT evolution: bridging the urban-rural gap. It will be an excellent networking opportunity for the public and private sector to build relationships and make new business contacts. I hope you will be able to participate at the conference, use the opportunity to meet other senior ICT stakeholders and return back to your office empowered by the knowledge that will be shared at the event."
Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, CEO, CTO.

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bullet1 Comunicaciones inalámbricas y redes comunitarias. Materiales en castellano.

Published: 18 Aug 2007

El equipo de trabajo de TRICALCAR anuncia la primera versión en castellano de los materiales de capacitación sobre Redes inalámbricas comunitarias. El curriculo formátivo se basa en los materiales desarrollados durante 2005-2006 para cuatro talleres de capacitación en África. Los materiales originales (inglés, francés y árabe) han sido traducidos y actualizados para esta nueva versión en castellano.

El curriculo de formación en castellano no solo ha traducido y localizado los materiales sino que amplia el temario hasta un total de 20 unidades de las cuales 17 ya están disponibles en el portal WiLAC o través de los siguientes enlaces:

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bullet1 ICT Training at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

Published: 18 Jun 2007

In June 2007, IT +46 has been working with the ­DEGT at UNAH (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras), Tegucigalpa in Honduras. During the visit an advisory assistance and hands-on training in general ICT services was carried out.

A concrete outcome of the work was the implementation of a dedicated radio link between the University main campus and the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
UNAH is the largest university in Honduras with 8 campuses and 90,000 students.

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Huaral, Peru

bullet1 TRICALCAR - Wireless Training Workshops in Latin America

Published: 1 Jun 2007

TRICALCAR is a follow up on the successful IDRC funded Community Wireless Connectivity Project in Africa. The first wireless training project arranged four regional training workshops in Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal and Morocco in 2005-2006. Following a similar methodology, TRICALCAR will deliver at least three regional workshops in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The TRICALCAR initiative has broaden the curriculum of the workshops to include new topics as VoIP for Development, increased the amount of training hours, increased the hands-on activities and localized a big part of the materials to Spanish.

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bullet1 VoIP Primer for sale

Published: 1 Jun 2007

The VoIP Primer is now available for purchase in printed form. The South Africa based "Print-on-demand" publisher Just Done Productions—Publishing is offering the booklet to the price of R45 (USD 6.50). The production company works in the spirit of the CC License, where they charge no more than to cover the costs for printing and postage.

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bullet1 Iraq Programme Web Portal - Public Announcement

Published: 1 May 2007

Today, first of May we are happy to announce the public release of the Iraq Programme Web Portal of The Olof Palme International Center.

The portal makes visible 37 civil society projects in Iraq and aims to facilitate the process of publishing and reporting to the Programme's members. This joint initiative not only creates a virtual meeting point but it also makes visible alternative information about Iraq as a nation and its grassroots organizations.

The portal is reachable at http://irak.palmecenter.se

The Olof Palme Center works with international development co-operation and the forming of public opinion surrounding international political and security issues.

IT+46 is a swedish consultancy company working in developing regions. The portal has been developed to support english, swedish and arabic encodings and it is licensed as free software.

More information about the portal is available at: http://irak.palmecenter.se/contact

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bullet1 Release: Advanced Link Performance Parameters in IEEE 802.11

Published: 12 Apr 2007

Today IT +46 announces the release of yet another free training unit in Wireless Communications. This time, the training material targets Advanced Link Performance Parameters for long distance wireless links.

The document focuses on the following 9 optimization parameters:

  • Fragment length
  • RSSI threshold
  • Frame bursting
  • Piggy back
  • Throughput optimizer
  • RTS/CTS length (Request To Send / Clear To Send)
  • Preamble settings
  • Concatenation (Packet aggregation, Fast Frames)
  • Link Distance

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