Capacity building for community wireless connectivity in Africa

Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal and Morocco, 2005/2006


This project is a partnership between APC and external partners that are experts in wireless communication. Some of the project partners are:

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Open Society Institute (OSI) are funding the project.

Project goal

"This partnership project focuses on capacity building through training, materials development, knowledge networking, information dissemination, and general awareness raising, drawing on the considerable expertise of the implementing partners in community wireless projects on the one hand, and training and support materials development on the other."

Source: APC


The project covers:

  • Development of training materials
  • Translation of materials (English/French/Arabic)
  • Training sessions (workshops) including both theoretical and practical aspects.

All training material (English, French and Arabic) can be downloaded here.

The materials developed for the training is structured in units that follow the Multimedia Training Kit (MMTK) format being used by APC, UNESCO and others, providing the training community in general with a set of materials with a highly flexible structure.

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