Introduction to ICT for Development Cooperation

Stockholm, Sweden, Nov-Dec 2005


"Introduction to ICT for Development Cooperation" is a web-based distance course of 5 credits given in English.

The course was offered for the first time autumn 2005, in collaboration with KTH, IT +46, Örebro University, the Department of Geography of the Royal Holloway University of London, Karlstad University and Karolinska Institute.The first round of the course attracted no less that 55 international Master Students representing all parts of the world.

From this year, the course will be a part of The International Master of Science program - Information and Communication Technology for Development 80 credits/120ECTS that will start in August 2006.
This is a two-year master program intended for students and professionals with interest in broaden and deepen their knowledge of business administration and ICT, its management and applications to the developing world.

The course is open for every one fullfilling the prerequisites of 80 university credits (120 ECTS) whereas 40 credits (60 ECTS) shall be in IT/ICT or work experiences equal to it.The course is free of charge.

Goal and Purpose

"The course aims to familiarise students with some of the main issues involved in the use of ICT for development purposes - such as the use of ICT for poverty reduction, promotion of education, health, democracy and human rights. It consists of 3 thematic areas comprising short modules - bearing in total 5 credits. In this context, the digital divide is considered in light of such topics as ICT and globalization, e-governance, and e-learning. The technological and organisational challenges of providing open and affordable connectivity to the public at large will be studied.

Source: DSV, IT University

IT +46 Contribution

IT +46 contributed in the field of

  • Software Localisation (1/2 credit)
  • Technology Challenges (1 credit)

All course material is licenced under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0) and can be downloaded here:


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