KiPot - an open discussion board for glossary development

bulletDownload: KiPot-1.11.tar.gz

KiPot 1.0 is an open source (GNU) discussion tool developed by IT +46 to support the localization effort of into Swahili. After finishing the first Swahili IT Glossary of aprox. 700 terms we quickly understood two things: the first was that the glossary needs to be extended constantly and the second was that the extended glossary required a fluent communication between our technical team and the Swahili linguistic experts.

The purpose of KiPot is to facilitate the communication between translators and linguistics in the process of glossary development. Although the tool has been designed to satisfy the special needs of the Swahili localization team, we have put special effort in a clean design that can allow other localization efforts to reuse and extend our code.