Jambo Spellchecker 9D - Tanzania Independence Day

Snapshot of the Jambo Spellchecker

The Open Swahili Localization Team, also known as Kilinux, is proud to present a new edition of a Swahili spellchecker that works natively with Jambo OpenOffice.org.

The spellchecker has been developed as the result of the compilation of numerous Swahili word lists. Jambo Spellchecker contains a total of 70.000 Swahili words.

The wordlists have been compiled based on the following resources:

- Dr. Jason M. Githeko (githeko at egerton.ac.ke), Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya
(48340 words)

- Prof. D.P.B. Massamba, Prof. A.M. Khamisi et al., TUKI English-Swahili Dictionary
(18327 words)

- Dr. Martin Benjamin et al. (swahili at yale.edu), The Kamusi Project,
(15418 words)

- Dr. Kevin P. Scannell (scannell at slu.edu), Corpus building for minority languages
(+8008 words)

Total words: 67901