Nakaseke Telecentre, Uganda

bullet1 Project: Community Wireless Resource Centre, Uganda

Published: 10 Jul 2006

A Community Wireless Resource Centre (CWRC) is being established under the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. The general objective of the centre is to provide and enhance sustainable Internet connectivity infrastructure, particularly in rural or underserved areas in Uganda, by means of wireless technology.

IT +46 will support the Community Wireless Resource Centre with capacity building in terms of theoretical and practical training in the field of wireless technologies.

More information about the project can be found here.

A total of six community wireless networks, consisting of approximately 30 operational radio links, will be designed and implemented in three regions of Uganda. The concept of community wireless networks is based on the possibility for groups or communities to build self-owned and operated communications networks. The project will use equipment based on the IEEE 802.11 protocol for wireless networks, and operating in unlicensed frequency bands.

As a result of this project, it is expected that the Community Wireless Resource Centre will lead to the development of community wireless networks in rural areas. Consequently, connectivity in communities will be enhanced, and will be made available at a more affordable cost. The project will also enhance capacity of our engineering students and telecentre staff in the installation and maintenance of community of wireless networks, and increase awareness of and training on community wireless networks. Suitable business models for community wireless networks that enhance their sustainability will also be found.

bulletDownload: CWRCTelecentreAssessment_BackgroundNote_July2006.pdf

Posted by: Louise Berthilson