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bullet1 CWRC Training Workshop in Uganda

Published: 20 Nov 2006

A Training Workshop in building Community Wireless Networks was conducted by IT +46 in Kampala, Uganda the 6-17 of November.

The training targeted the Community Wireless Resource Centre (CWRC) staff, Telecentre staff, Makerere students from the electrical engineering program and local NGO's. The workshop, initially planned to be hosted at the Makerere University, attracted no less than 50 registered participants*.

The training included the following topics:

Theoretical sessions

  • Introduction to Wireless Communications
  • Network Topologies
  • Wireless standards
  • Access point configuration
  • Basic Radio Physics
  • Radio Link Calculations
  • Antennas and Cables
  • Outdoor Radio Simulations

Practical sessions

  • Ethernet cabling
  • Access point Configuration I (basic configuration)
  • Access point Configuration II (advanced configuration)
  • Access point Configuration III (PtP wireless link)
  • Outdoor radio simulation

Field sessions

  • 1 day technical/practical site survey in Nakaseke
  • 1 day implementation of wireless link in Nakaseke
  • 2 days technical/practical site survey in Kabale

* Unfortunately, due to the strike that broke out among the teachers at the Makerere University the 6th of November, the workshop had to be reallocated to other premises under very short notice. Due to the circumstances, the participation had to be cut down to the CWRC staff and Telecentre representatives due to limited space.

We would like to give our sincere thanks to i-network uganda that hosted the training workshop under three days when access to Makerere University area was not possible. Also, we would like to thank Mamba Point Guesthouse management that hosted us the first day the strike broke out. Again, many thanks to all of you.

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Posted by: Louise Berthilson