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bullet1 TRICALCAR - Wireless Training Workshops in Latin America

Published: 1 Jun 2007

TRICALCAR is a follow up on the successful IDRC funded Community Wireless Connectivity Project in Africa. The first wireless training project arranged four regional training workshops in Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal and Morocco in 2005-2006. Following a similar methodology, TRICALCAR will deliver at least three regional workshops in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The TRICALCAR initiative has broaden the curriculum of the workshops to include new topics as VoIP for Development, increased the amount of training hours, increased the hands-on activities and localized a big part of the materials to Spanish.

Three regional workshops in Latin America will take place during 2007-2008:

  • Peru, Huaral: 16-21 of July 2007
  • Argentina, Rosario: 22-27 of October 2007
  • Mexico: 4-9 February 2008

IT +46 will participate in TRICALCAR as material developer and trainer during all three workshops.

The project is led by the EsLaRed Foundation (Venezuela) collaborating with the Peruvian Center of Social Studies - CEPES (Peru), Nodo TAU (Argentina), LaNeta (Mexico), IT +46 (Sweden), The Association for the Progress of the Communications (APC).
WiLAC is coordinating the project which is funded by the Institute for Connectivity in the Américas (ICA), a unity of the Center the International of Investigations for Development (IDRC) of Canada.

TRICALCAR: Tejiendo Redes Inalámbricas Comunitarias en América Latina y el Caribe
WCWN LAC: Weaving Community Wireless Networks in Latin America and Caribbean

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