bullet1 2nd CWRC Workshop in Uganda

Published: 15 Sep 2007

The 2nd Training Workshop in building Community Wireless Networks was conducted by IT +46 in Kampala, Uganda the 3-14th of September 2007.

The training targeted the Community Wireless Resource Centre (CWRC) staff and students and Telecentre representatives. The aim of the workshop was to build upon the first training workshop that was held in November 2007, and further strengthen the team's knowledge not only in wireless communications, but also other topics related to Community Wireless Networks.

The training workshop targeted the following areas:


  • How to reduce the use of international bandwidth?
  • Traffic management with MasterShaper
  • Basic Internet Concepts
  • Troubleshooting a wireless network
  • Point of failure in wireless installations
  • Critical reading of ISP contracts


  • How to reduce the use of international bandwidth?
  • Traffic management with MasterShaper
  • How to set up a fully routable wireless network with repeaters

Field Work

  • 1 day field visit to Naberu Telecenter, inspection of wireless installations
  • 3 days field visit to Kabale, troubleshooting and configuration of wireless installation

The workshop gathered representatives from five Ugandan Telecenters (CPAR Lira Telecenter, Nakaseke Telecenter, Nabweru Telecenter, Kabale Telecenter and Kachwekano CMC) and students from the electrical engineering program volunteering at the CWRC.

In September 2007, no less than three community wireless networks had been established by the CWRC. At CPAR Lira Telecenter, the community network now consists of four partners which share a VSAT connection of 128/64 kbps. Juma Okeee, IT officer at CPAR Lira says, "the CWRC project is a blessing for rural connectivity over distances. CWRC has really come at a time when we needed it the most."

The Naberu Telecenter community network has currently three external partners and is now in the stage of obtaining quotations from local Internet Service providers.

The Kachwekano CMC/Kabale Telecenter community network has no less than nine clients connected spread around Kabale town and Lake Bunyonyi. The Kabale team is currently evaluating upstream providers for the community network.

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Posted by: Louise Berthilson