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bullet1 Doctorate Course in ICTs for Social Development (ICT4SD)

Published: 1 Dec 2007

During May 2008, IT +46 will be delivering a graduate course in ICTs for Development at the University of Trento in Italy

The course will provide graduate students with an understanding of the main issues associated with the use of Information and Communications Technologies for Sustainable Development (ICT4SD).

The course aim to:

  • to let students gain awareness of emerging regions, their communities and the technical challenges they face.
  • to learn about appropriate technologies for emerging regions, their impact, and how they can be conceived, designed and implemented
  • to discuss critically around some real case studies including: localization of computer software to local languages, voice over IP in rural areas, wireless infrastructure in community networks, and sustainable business models.
  • to learn about qualitative project evaluation and the challenge of assessing development impacts.


  • Introduction to ICTs and development
  • Technologies and development
  • Localization of computer software
  • Connectivity and Wireless Infrastructure
  • Voice over IP
  • Solar energy and Low power computing
  • Review of case studies
  • Outcome mapping

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