Visiting one of the server rooms (KTH)

bullet1 Information Systems support for UNAH, Stockholm Training

Published: 9 Jun 2008

The first week of June, IT46 conducted an ICT advanced training to the system group of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH). During 2007-08 and thanks to the support of SIDA and the collaboration with the Swedish Program for Information and Communication Technology in Developing Regions (SPIDER), IT46 and CICAT had delivered a set of technical trainings in the areas of internetworking and information systems. The second training in Stockholm, hosted by SPIDER with the support of the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, DSV (Stockholm University/KTH), focused on advanced topics as traffic management, secure web services, cloning workstations and voice over IP. During the one week training the UNAH system group got the opportunity to visit KTH and Stockholm University ICT premises.

Posted by: Alberto Escudero-Pascual