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bullet1 Wireless Networking in the Developing Word (third spanish edition)

Published: 16 Oct 2008

The WNDW team is proud to announce the release of the third Spanish translation of Wireless Networking in the Developing World. This is the latest contribution to the growing collection of WNDW translations, which also include English, Arabic, French, and Italian.

In the developing world, one book can often be equivalent to a library. Access to books is difficult where there are few libraries or book stores, and there is often little money to pay for them. By releasing this book for free under a Creative Commons license, anyone is free to download, print, update, or redistribute it. We hope to reach the widest possible audience, spreading the knowledge of low-cost wireless networking to those who need it most.

The book, "Wireless Networking in the Developing World" is just one part of the WNDW project. In addition to the various translations, you will also find community forums and additional material on our newly redesigned website,

The goal of the project is to help jumpstart wireless communications infrastructure projects all over the world by providing information and resources to the wireless community. Join us to help bridge the digital divide and bring wireless network access to everyone.

The publication of this work has been supported by Canada's International Development Research Centre, Additional support was provided by

You can download the book for free or order a printed copy at:

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Posted by: Alberto Escudero-Pascual