Community One North Conference, 2009

bullet1 Umoja Project in CommunityONE North Conference

Published: 17 Mar 2009

The 15th of April, IT46 will present the Umoja Project in Sun's Community One North Conference, Oslo, Norway. The Umoja Project aims to create a longer term community of developers and users of open source software in Swahili language. The presentation will address the technical and social challenges of building open source communities in developing regions.

During the last five years IT46 has worked in several localization initiatives that includes the very first release of in Swahili (2005) or the inclusion of several African locales in Unicode standards.

The Umoja Project @ CommunityOne is the result of the collaboration of the Tanzanian LUG (tzLUG), FreeCode and SUN Microsystems.

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Posted by: Alberto Escudero-Pascual