Anonymous and Untraceable Communications - Location privacy in mobile internetworking, Licentiate Thesis Proposal

Published 15 May 2002 by Alberto Escudero Pascual

bulletDownload: licentiate-proposal-escuderoa.pdf

The protection of privacy is considered as one of the most important issues on the Inter-net today. Internet users are concerned about privacy protection. More Internet sites are collecting personal information from users through forms, cookies, online registrations, or surveys than never before. With the new wireless technologies mobility will be avail-able and with it 'location information' will be used to provide also new 'location aware services'.

The Big Brothers are finally here and anonomyzing techniques are needed to be avail-able for the preservation of a 'civil society'.In this proposal, we discuss the state of the art of anonymity and untraceability research in Internet and include a number of observed problems. With this licenciate we want to study if it is possible to provide an end user with internet communication that provides anonymity, untraceability, and unobservability while still providing good communication performance. We also want to study in which ways laws restrict the use of these technologies and how 'trust' is built when providing anonymous services.

Keyword(s): Anonymity, Location Privacy, Privacy, Security, Wireless,