Technology for change!

IT46 is a Swedish-based IT consultancy company with a vision: knowledge transfer to recipients to promote social change.

We are convinced that information technology can play an important role in making development sustainable, but since information by itself is not knowledge, we aim to share knowledge rather than simply transfer information.

Since 2004, we have taken this approach in more than twenty projects, from the design to the implementation and training.

We work together with grassroots organizations, academia, as well as regulators in both developing and developed countries.

The company brings more than fifteen years of hands-on international working experience in Information Technology in the areas of:

  • Education and Training in ICTs
  • Free and Open Source Software Development
  • Localization of Software
  • Design and Implementation of fixed and wireless Infrastructure
  • Voice over IP
  • Network and Computer Security
  • ICT Policies and Development Plans
  • Energy Solutions for ICTs

Since 2004, IT46 has trained 350+ people in fourteen countries and worked with 16 donor partners. Three projects were IT46 has been involved has reached the final of the Stockholm Challenge and two of them were awarded.